Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit, P.C. has always strived to be a full service law firm for each and every need of our condominium, townhome and homeowners association clients.  This goal has finally become a reality with the establishment of KSN Tax.

KSN Tax is a new department within the firm dedicated to obtaining property tax reductions for condominium, townhome and homeowner associations.  KSN Tax will skillfully appeal assessments utilizing a sophisticated case tracking system that will enable attorneys to monitor and reduce an association’s property taxes.  Additionally, in a feature that distinguishes KSN Tax from its competitors, KSN will handle initial collection efforts against unit owners who do not pay their share of the legal fee resulting from a successful appeal at no expense to the association.

The need to appeal a tax assessment exists now more than ever.  Taxes are up yet values are down.  The cost of running government increases every year and the assessment determines your share of this growing expense.  Contesting your assessment aggressively keeps your property tax inflation in check.  And even if your assessment decreases or remains relatively flat, you should appeal because your assessment may still be too high.

Illinois law allows associations to file an assessment appeal on behalf of all owners in order to seek a reduction in the amount of property taxes assessed to each individual owner.  In fact, the assessing officials prefer one appeal from an association since they have placed a single value on the entire complex, and reviewing that value is facilitated by analyzing the assessments of all units.

KSN Tax is keenly familiar with the unique circumstances involved in association tax appeals from filing the appeal to collecting the legal fee from unit owners after a positive result.  KSN Tax was designed to incorporate the firm’s hands-on, approachable manner to representing associations in executing tax assessment appeals.  To that end, KSN Tax will manage the entire appeal from beginning to end and do the heavy lifting allowing the association to focus on its other matters.  Finally, KSN Tax will work on a contingency fee basis: no tax savings, no fee.

If you have any questions about this exciting new service or wish to receive a property tax assessment appeal proposal please contact KSN at (855) 537-0500 or find us at www.ksnlaw.com.

By KSN Attorney Timothy Jacobs